Wednesday, 5 November 2008

18 Things To Try During Bonfire Night

1: Rocket Russian Roulette

2: Fancy dress costumes of Guy Fawkes post-execution

3: Cellotaping fireworks together

4: Revolution

5: An incendiary fetish

6: Baking drugs into parkin cake

7: Sparkler lightsabre battles

8: Making jokes outside Andrew Sachs house about where the loud bangs are coming from

9: Visiting the zoo

10: Burning peasants

11: Throwing plastics onto a public bonfire

12: Writing lewd letters to Katie Melua

13: An elaborate sacrifice to the great Lord Ra

14: Attaching a Catherine wheel to your hat

15: Standing in a hospital reception while laughing at all the injured people who arrive

16: Re-enactments of The Towering Inferno

17: Hiding in unlit bonfires

18: Begging whilst dressed as a burn victim


  1. Personally speaking, number seven is always a good one. Especially when your friends little cousin is wafting a sparkler between his legs...

  2. "12: Writing lewd letters to Katie Melua"

    This is the only one I dont get. I'm sorry, I'm being more than a bit slow today!

    But other wise: love the ideas, will try them out next year =)