Friday, 4 March 2011

Florence Welch's Guide To Culture

hi ,im Florence from Florence and the machine. i like to go to cultural fairs and learn from the magic womyn who make potteries and draw watercolours. When im not busy with all my projects such as Florence and the machine iI am a keen activist for such important cultural actives such as and including saving seals, helping fund canvases to struggling new york artisans, and buying tickets to the guggenheim for the homeless. As i know from my time being a fighter for art over crass comerciality there are many people out there who do not know about where they can go to find art and culture and be imaginative for making their minds expand with the knowledge of our forefathers and foremothyers. When i am halfwayup a trek in the andes ,i think about these people such as these and Iii feel so sad that the outdoors are not accessible to everyone. So i have been asked by my friend and guru in matters of life and forelife and afterlife and preternatural Spanish dancing called steve to help his followers on wilftonville to broaden they’re horizons and clean themselves from culture and immerse themselves in cultyre.

hey xxx have you ever been underwater?? there is not only a new world under there, but like in the Disney movie whichi have memorised to heart there are mermaids with tridents. i want to be a mermaid!iI would spend my time underwater looking at fascinating coral and learning about the history of starfish. if the starfish could talk back to me, that would be haven.

when I can’t think of songs like my album track girl with/1 eye I relax with some bikram yoga performed on the roof of a mosque. the culture of the mosque people is so interesting to me ,I find that everytime t visit their place of worship there are new things to discover and enjoy. Walk in to yours sometime and try to comprehend the vastness of their belief system ,t donot book before i go in but wear a sarong so they will appreciate my effortsto blend in.

fashion is a passion of mine which is obvious to all who have been seeing me on the streets of new york or paris in italy. i have found a shop which sells only tropical outfits designed by children and it is so sweet! They have smiles on they’re faces every time i walk in and order some coconuts anklets. it is an easy shop to find if you live near to martime fiji, which is my favourite place to go and realign my zen when I think the paparazzia are attacking me and my friends with their soul-stealers (cameras(

bonjour is the local language of my favorite country which is of course alcase lorraine where they make cowbells that ring with passion. my next album is going to get rid of the harpsichord and replace it with organice cowbells and mushroom triangles, iam a firm belieber that we must respect and revere our livestock for they are humans too, eventhough they do not look like it. If i have 1 message to share with you all, machinists and fans of my spirituality, then it would be that you should go to paris and admire the pigs

finally, and this is for the moment but i have to go and sunbathe in the ultraviolet glow of a pygmy sanctum in north waleshire, i recommend going to los angeles, where they have such amusing sights as people drawing characterisations of your face, usinga pen and sometimes a paintbrush. it always astonishes me how people can take art and make it into something that is less than art, but still art, and that makes it feel like it is more than art!! hehe that is obviously a joke, don’t take it seriously you guys. if you see some1 taking art from you and making into morethanart, please call me!! hehe love you all lots flo xx

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