Thursday, 19 June 2008

The Four Biggest Indie-Hipster Crushes

2: Lisa Hannigan

The ex-muse of Damien Rice and superhot Irish songstress Lisa Hannigan takes up the second place on our disturbing indie-rock crush podium. She’ll possibly be thrilled, because to get onto the list I ignored most of the rules I set up at the start (she is, ostensibly, a solo singer, but is more famous for her duets). She sings on both the Damien Rice albums that exist in the world, and sings the Martha Wainwright part of that Snow Patrol duet song whenever the band tour. Although mainly a singer, she’s also able to play bass and electric guitar, thus enabling us to celebrate her as a rocker. Even though she is seriously not a rocker. She’s a folkie, and all the more adorable for it. We also give her credit for pulling off pigtails in the photo below.

Pigtails: pulled off with flair.


  1. Can I ask what criteria you're using?

    And are you planning on surprising us all by not having Jenny Lewis at number one?

  2. Wow...she's beautiful. And here's hoping Jenny Lewis is indeed number one.

  3. The only thing I can say about the winner is that she is British - and anyone with a passing understanding of British music will kick themselves if they don't guess it right. Answer tomorrow!