Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Four Biggest Indie-Hipster Crushes

1: Abi Harding

What is it about sassy brass lady Abi Harding that puts her at the top of our list? Is it her consistently delightful taste in summery dresses that sets her apart? How about the fact that the rest of her band are a bunch of scouse blokes? There’s the fact that she plays the saxophone, long known to be the most ‘rocking’ and ‘rocksome’ (these terms are interchangeable) of all the instruments on Earth. There are these facts, yes, but there is also the simple truth that she is just plain hot. It’s hard to pin down what it is exactly about Ms Harding that makes it hard to resist cracking innuendo-riddled jokes about her surname, but it is certainly hard to deny her crushability. If you see these photos and don’t believe us, then search for her band, The Zutons, and see her in action. She is almost certainly the biggest crush any indie-kid should ever have (excluding the US, of course), and single-handedly the only reason anyone should care about The Zutons.

Try and deny that saxophones are awesome, and I will slap you.


  1. Agreed...she is a hottie alright.

  2. Good choice...the saxophone indeed helps radiate the awesomeness. Nice crushes.

  3. Well, the sax looks awesome when she's holding it!