Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Stoat: Factfile!

Animal: The Stoat.
Family: Mammal
Latin Name: Weaselus Impersonatus
Native To: Europe, America, Asia, Africa.... anywhere that isn't Australia.
Origin: The first stoat was born in 1992, to coincide with the TV adaptation of "The Animals Of Farthing Wood". The show producers, aware of public perception of weasels as 'untrustworthy things', commissioned a new, similar animal to be created so they could still have a character who looked like a weasel in their show. This animal turned out to be the stoat.
Powers: The stoat is a strong swimmer and climber, and possesses the ability to create duplicates of itself. Should it ever be threatened, the animal is able to stamp down with one of its feet and create a duplicate version of itself, which emerges from the body of the original. If the duplicate is killed or the stoat grows tired of it, it can be reabsorbed into the original animal, who will retain the memories and skills the duplicate may have developed during existence. It is unknown how many duplicates one stoat can create, although the highest ever recorded was eight.
Danger Rating: 3. Could you you a sharp nip or a vicious scratch if you piss it off; will team up against animals perceived as threats.
Critical Reception: Negligable

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