Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Circle: A Newspaper for Fatalists

'Mixed picture' On 24hr Drinking

Inevitably, the Government has decided that the ban on drinking has been either good or bad for the rest of Britain. Some things have got better, and some things have got worse. They should’ve seen this coming. As we all know, when people drink they either get more or less violent than usual, and this change then leads into increased or decreased crime levels across all of the country. Now, I don’t know how you feel about all of this, but this particular Editor feels that the only thing we can do with these statistics is accept them for what they are, and move on.

Killer Nurse Must Serve 30 Years

A man who killed patients has been told he will serve many years in prison, which isn’t really surprising when you think about it too much. The Scottish nurse, who worked in Leeds, killed four elderly women with insulin injections, which lead to their death. And then, as you would expect, he was found guilty of murder as a result, and is now going to prison. I don’t know why these people don’t see these things coming.

US Contenders In Key Polling Day

Today is important for the people in contention for leadership of the Republican and Democratic parties in America, as there will be several votes held across the country to determine who will win. Barrack Obama, running for Democratic leader, has said that if he wins then his main rival Hilary Clinton will be in a worse position than before. She has countered by saying the same is true about him. Surely this is all obvious? One thing is certain; whoever does best today will have an advantage over the other people who don’t do as well. Consider it destiny.


  1. As a publican, I have to say the whole review of the latest licensing laws is a joke. Do you know that the government guideline for binge drinking is something like three pints a night? If we were to work to that standard, everybody in my pub - including me - is a binge drinker.

    And some Liberal politician was on the news today harping on about how we should be prosecuting more for serving to drunks. Actually, I send drunks home when they get too much but government guidelines of what constitutes a drunk is "somebody of dishevelled appearance" (God help the builders after a days work) "somebody who is careless with their money" (God help the man who is generous and buys the pub a round then) "somebody who is rambling in their conversations" (that shoots down every barfly story teller) and "somebody who knocks over their drink" (God help the arm-waving Italians, then).

    I better stop now - I can feel a rant coming on...

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  3. The thing with binge drinking is it affects people in different ways. These last few weeks I've been drinking over 10 pints in a night at least once, yet I've not been paralytic or aggressive, just more friendly and my natural tendancy to talk shit becomes more pronounced.

    I don't particularly condone drinking large amounts, but sometimes it just happens, but not every binge drinker wants to go and knock two fucks out of someone for 'looking a bit gay'.

  4. I totally agree with you, Henry; I see it every day.

    It is not unusual, however, for a bar 'person' (let's be PC here) to stand at the bar and talk to a customer and serve them all night long, without realising just how drunk they are. It's not until they stand up and try to find the door that their completely coherent conversation falls apart.