Monday, 11 February 2008

How To Seduce 60 Beautiful Women (Part 5)

Here's the penultimate set of can't-fail chatup lines for celebrities.

11: Amy Acker (actress: Wishbone, Angel, Alias)
[Some variation on a ‘Wishbone’ joke]
Can't fail.

12: Kristen Bell (actress: Veronica Mars, Heroes)
“Can you sense the electricity between us?”
She played a character who could control electricity on Heroes, you see.

13: Emily Haines (singer: Metric)
“I’ll give you more to do in bed than just read, Emily!”
She has a song called 'Reading In Bed', and this line gives her a better option.

14: Anna Friel (actress: Chuck, Goal!)
“Forget the football, I’d be living the dream if I could go out with you”
And again, girls like sweet guys.

15: Sophie Ellis-Bextor (singer)
“Like you, Sophie, I like to shoot from the hip”
Say this in the wrong tone, it will sound weird and wrong.

16: Alyson Hannigan (actress: Buffy, How I Met Your Mother)
“I’ve never met your mother, but after we’ve had a long relationship I’d like you to meet mine?”
This line shows you intend to have a serious relationship, and not just a casual fling.

17: Jennifer Aniston (actress)
“I want to be more than just friends”
She will never have heard this line before in her life, ever.

18: Alison Goldfrapp (singer: Goldfrapp)
[Say whatever you want, but don’t make any ‘Lovely Head’ jokes]
There is a line, and you must never cross it.

19: Jennifer Garner (actress)
“Juno I really fancy you?”
Because 'Juno' sounds like 'do you know?'

20: Lisa Edelstein (actress: House MD)
“Wanna play doctors and nurses?”
Short and sweet.

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  1. That line on Jennifer Aniston worked perfectly for me. Honest. It really did.