Monday, 4 April 2011

Podcast à la mode #3

The Adam and Joe Podcast
By Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish

By the time you read this, it should be April where you live! If it isn't April where you live, then we strongly suggest you stop living near The Large Hadron Collider! But for the majority of you all, and us also for we are part of the greater we, it is now April. And this is glorious news, because that means it's time for Adam and Joe to return to broadcast! A pair of radio-presenters with a difference (the difference being talent and creativity), Adam and Joe are now available to you on a weekly basis, and hilarity can once more reign down upon your houses! As a note, you do not need a skylight in order for hilarity to reign down into your house, as hilarity operates in a manner similar to - but not akin to - radiation poisioning. It can penetrate your roof, unless you live in a house of lead.

Do you live in a house of lead? If so, then we'd love to hear from you! There are experiments that we've always wanted to try, but have never had the facilities to enable.

What Happens In This Podcast?

Adam and Joe used to present on telly back in the nineties, doing their own show for years as part of Channel 4's dedication to reaching a youthful audience. Their unique type of silly childish humour proved to be a big hit, as they were intelligent and witty without isolating dumb people, and they could perform pranks without being mean-spirited of nasty. They were nice chums that liked computer games and comics, and they were on telly! What an inspiration for a whole generation of bloggers they must've become, surely, perhaps. Well once they stopped doing their telly show they moved to radio, and started to do much the same as they did before, only this time on the radio. Um, obviously.

So you can hear their first radio shows via the XFM Adam and Joe podcast, which is still available on the ol' iTunes. But more importantly, you can hear highlights from their current radio show on BBC 6music even as we speak! Can you imagine listening to Adam and Joe and reading Wilftonville at the same time, chums? The sheer possibilities such an event could bring! Their regular features include Text The Nation, where they read out readers' suggestions about things like "what should the next crime show be about" and get answers like "Sgt Wiggle The Worm. He later gets cut in half and the short end becomes his sidekick". There's also the ever-popular SONG WARS in which the two literally WAR against each other via the use of SONGS, and many other bits of silly banter and giggling.

We Recommend This Podcast!

If you enjoy the podcast, you should also watch Hot Fuzz! Both Adam and Joe are in it, as they are good friends with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. They may also have appeared in Spaced, but we can't remember. And also! Joe's directed a film and written a film this year - Attack The Block, and it's going to be brilliant! You can find Adam on his youtube channel, also Joe co-wrote the new Tintin movie with Steven Moffat. Amazing!

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