Monday, 28 February 2011

Website Push

You spend all your time on Wilftonville. That's cool. We accept and appreciate your devotion to our brand of blasphemy. But y'know guys, there's plenty of other great websites out there which you might like from time to time. Have you ever considered visiting The Daily Bunny, for example? It showcases a different rabbit every day. It's more or less a load of photos of rabbits. But! What more might you ever want to see? Rabbits are cool. Everyone enjoys a rabbit. And also, rabbits means the animals and not the sexual aid. DO NOT GET THEM CONFUSED

This is what a bunny rabbit looks like.

And this is a link to The Daily Bunny.

You may be a big gruff manly man bear man, with a beard and uncut fingernails crusted with soil and dust from where you've been working in the woods where you live in a log cabin you built yourself which has a satellite ariel which only picks up feeds of rugby matches and Australian rules football. That doesn't matter! You will enjoy these bunny rabbits anyway. Everyone will enjoy this. If you do not enjoy it -- please post a complaint below and I will attempt to address your flaws as a human. Thank you veddy much.