Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How do you start a problem like Wilftonville?

Can you restart greatness? A question George Lucas often ponders as he swims in his lake of gold, sipping lobsters from a goblet of sunbeams. Wilftonville was a hit among five people back in 2007/8, featuring a populist assortment of articles about comics, Andy Kaufman, and repressing the feminist instincts of the opposite gender. It was a product of its time, and nobody could ever hope to reproduce all the amazing articles and over-par writing it brought the world. Wait, it’s good to be over par, right?

Well, one person asked me politely on Twitter if I’d ever consider bringing back Wilftonville into the arms of a trusting and minimal audience. So I felt compelled to do so. Behold! Wilftonville returns!

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