Monday, 11 August 2008

The Ten Best WWF Wrestlers Of My Time:

Chris Benoit

We’re going to pass by the entire ‘murderer’ aspect of Chris Benoit and focus entirely on his wrestling instead, because we have no idea what was going on there and frankly we don’t like to get too depressing here on Wilftonville. Chris Benoit was, simply put, one of the hardest-working wrestlers out there. There are a lot of wrestlers who do the job to put on a show – Chris Benoit never really cared much for that style. He wanted to make wrestling look realistic, and violent, and brutal. Which is really what wrestling should try to get back to. There’s an interest nowadays in providing controversial storylines that overshadow the wrestling itself, which is what lost our interest in the whole shebang. What we want are more people like Chris Benoit, who don’t oversell, who have integrity (in the ring he did) and grit. We want to see wrestling - and correct us if this is a strange way to view it – that looks painful.

Chris Benoit was also an astonishingly capable guy. He got injured quite often from the visceral way he fought, and his signature moves showed athleticism and tactical play that you don’t get much anymore. Not the best of characters on the mike, though, but he more than made up for any of this with his attitude in the ring. If you saw Chris Benoit make his way to the ring, you knew that something was going to happen. He helped make wrestling gripping again. He was completely committed to the art of wrestling, which made his rise inevitable. It’s just a shame this was followed by such a shocking fall.


  1. Ahhh... The Pegasus Kid. Excellent choice.

  2. I can't believe that I actually agree with one of your choices! Benoit was excellent - it's such a shame that the WWE never booked him well after he lost the World Heavyweight Championship because of his poor mic skills. It's also sad that people who know absolutly nothing about wrestling will look on the events last summer as the reason why the sport - and I use that term loosely - is bad. No one really has a right to comment on that because nobody really knows exactly what happened.

  3. I never really watched wrestling, but my favorite was Andre the Giant. For his acting roles, and life story. I'm not even sure that the WWE/WWF was his league, even.

  4. he was a great wrestler its stupid how they now make it seem as he didn't exist though. I heard someone say that they have changed the royal rumble winner when benoit won to say that no one won.