Monday, 28 July 2008

The Ten Best WWF Wrestlers Of My Time:

The Hardy Boyz

Is it really cheating to have two wrestlers together in my list? Yes, yes it is. Hideous cheating. But I make no concessions, because Jeff and Matt Hardy on their own are only okay, whilst The Hardy Boyz are flipping fantastic. High-flyers, that’s the term for then, because they are both well-known for getting up onto the turnbuckles and performing elaborate, complex, and downright stupid manoeuvres. As with Shane, the Hardy Boyz are mentalists who are perfectly willing to completely destroy their bodies in exchange for the love of a crowd. My time had them teamed up with Lita, the only female wrestler who could actually wrestle in any way, shape, or form, and the trio together are responsible for some of the best matches the WWF ever had. The TLC match (tables, ladders, chairs, that is) came about partly because of them. While Edge & Christian contributed the chairs, and the Dudley Boyz the tables, it was the Hardy Boyz who really made the matches stand out. Just take a look at some of the falls they took (they’re the ones with red/black hair):

Unlike Shane, though, the Hardy Boyz were also fulltime wrestlers. They fought as a team, and individually, creating many famous moves and adding new spins on established ones. Jeff Hardy put in ‘The Swanton Bomb’, where he flips in the air and lands on the opponent with his head first, and Matt Hardy created ‘The Twist Of Fate’, which flips someone round before smashing their face to the mat. Both became much loved, and as a team they made a great trifecta with E&C/The Dudleyz. They’re still going now, and Jeff and Matt have individually won great matches against people like Triple H, Kane, Rob Van Dam – they’re two of the most popular wrestlers around, and by God, they’ve had to earn it.


  1. Ok, I'll grant that these guys have some talent and no concern for their own survival. Hard to believe they came out of the backwoods of North Carolina. But yeah, they're fun to watch. Except for their ring entrances. Gah. What dreck.

    I'd be very interested to see the rest of your list. However, in the interest of patience, I'll wait nicely.

    I reserve the right to say "Are you crazy?!" at any point. :D

  2. The Hardy's were better together because neither of them can talk all that well; their promo's are boring and they are a bit uncharismatic. But they were quite fun, especially on that video they released one time - I never knew the facination that Jeff had with...wait, I can't remember what it was!

    But it still leads back to the fact that you are a mark who is interested in the high flying dudes, and only them. Is there ever going to be anyone REALLY talented on this list? Somebody who doesn't try and kill themself by jumping from a large drop?

  3. The list moves on to proper wrestlers now (it's hard to think up ten wrestlers I genuinely liked!) However, I think you'll all probably appreciate number eight. Especially you, Molko.