Monday, 21 July 2008

The Ten Best WWF Wrestlers Of My Time

10 :
Shane McMahon

Most of the time he’s busy being the villain, but it’s hard to deny the sheer idiocy that makes up a lot of what Shane McMahon is all about. He’s not the best wrestler who ever went into the ring, but you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is as willing as he is to do a stunt for his company. Oh, I should mention… he’s the son of the man who owns said company, by the way. Yep, as the heir to a multimillion pound fortune, he could be sunbathing his way through life, living it up without a care in the world. He certainly doesn’t need to wrestle!...

So why, then, does he insist on doing THIS?

Shane McMahon is insane. But at the same time, his athleticism is just as astounding. He can jump from one side of a wrestling ring to another, and does so regularly as one of his finishing moves. Have you ever seen a wrestling ring? They are HUGE! He can trade blows with the best of them, and has a habit of showing up many of his peers when in the ring with them. He can take a match against someone like The Undertaker (7ft tall) or Big Show (8 friggin’ ft!) and make it seem like a perfectly balanced fight. Sure, wrestling is all fake anyway, but it takes someone with massive amounts of skill to actually sell the equal stature of two wrestlers, when one is clearly stronger than the other. One final reson why we like him so much: he doesn’t over-sell his falls. Some wrestlers start shaking like some kind of spasticated electric eel made of jelly when they get hit, writhing around the floor in obviously fake agony. Shane McMahon... he makes it real.



  1. Oh dear. Shane McMahon SUCKS! The guy stole the move where he flies from one side of the ring to the other from Rob Van Dam - he copies because he can't think of anything himself. And he'd never be able to sell anything like an eel or whatever the phrase was because his spine is shot! Guys that do stunts like that do it to hide their lack of ability. In fact, I'm more impressed with his dancing and that's shocking. There's a reason why folk call him 'Spot Monkey Shane', you know?

  2. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the flashy and impressive stuff. Give me Shane O'Mac doing a cool stunt like that over watching two wrestlers do a load of submissions moves any day of the week!

    He is a VERY talented dancer and you know it, Molko. Admit it!

  3. Shane is terrible. It's much more difficult to go out and wrestle every single day as your body takes beating after beating than to show up once a year and do a big stunt that any Joe off the street can go. Shane simply uses his dad's company to feed his ego so that marks like you will be "impressed". Do you really think he's the only one who can or who has done that stuff? He's a glory hog and nothing more. I agree with the other comment SHANE SUCKS!

  4. Greatest Pro Wrestler of all time:

    Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger.

    Hands down. No questions allowed.

    He's the man.

  5. I accept your judgement, anonymous duo. Perhaps you were right. Perhaps you've always been right. I just couldn't think of anyone else to make up the end of the list, ok?? Just wait til you see no 9, if you think Shane is a bad choice!

    I do have one question though, Mr B - who the devil is he? Is he one of those "Japanese Wrestlers" I've heard so much about?

  6. Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger is indeed one of them thar Japanese wrastlers. *spit*

    Aside from being the inventor of the Lyger Bomb (pinning-power bomb), the moonsault, and just about every other thing you've ever seen Rey Mysterio do, he has come back from a broken ankle (wrestling Too Cold Scorpio) AND brain cancer. He plugs himself in either All Japan or New Japan Pro Wreslting (last I looked), and - as a man of his stature should be - is probably the champ.

    Also check out The Great Sasuke, Hayabusa, Super Delfin (might find it under Super Dolphin or Delphin), and Ultimo Dragon.

    Gods of the ring. Complete gods.

    And for a Goddess: Chaparita Asari

    Mmm... Shooting star press. (inventor)

  7. Addendum:

    Oops.. Lyger did the Shooting Star... Asari was the Skytwister Press.