Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Countdown to Disaster Movie

Folks, the time has come again for a film which will change the World. We’ve had the advent of the black and white silent movie, the birth of colour, the arrival of talkies, and heck, we’ve had Jingle All The Way, but coming this year will be a revolutionary movie that will change the way you perceive moving images on a screen. I’m talking about Disaster Movie, the film that follows Date Movie and Epic Movie to form a trilogy of ‘oh sweet lord, what the f*ck is wrong with people?’

This is the poster they released today, which shows in one picture just how the movie will change things forever: it’s going to make not one god-damned lick of sense. In their past grande opus du cinema (my French is ropey at best, alright?) they’ve made fun of Paris Hilton by having someone who looks like Paris Hilton be in their film, made fun of Britney Spears by having someone that looks like Britney Spears be in their film, and don’t even get me started on the gay jokes. Oh, the joys of this planet, a planet where you can see a film like Disaster Movie, which takes all the best jokes from when you were at school and had to change with the rugby team before a PE lesson, and transplants them into a film which everyone in the World will get to see.

So what will get zinged this time round? With Meet The Spartans on dominant film-referencing form, are there any films which have not been replicated that need a good replication? We are only a few months away from a teaser trailer, and if it’s any match for the previous ones (check ‘em out on Youtube! They have a surprisingly large number of views!) then we are in for a treat. Nerdy people and children WILL get hit in the face, puke jokes WILL be made, animals WILL be injured… and third-rate rappers that nobody outside of America knows about WILL turn up.

It’s a party and you’re all invited. The Countdown to Disaster Movie begins!

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