Sunday, 9 March 2008

It’s Sunday! Peace The F**k Out.

Ten songs to calm your inner demons and stop you from killing your co-workers in a paranoid rage on Monday.

1: Across The Universe – Fiona Apple
A nice little song originally written by John Lennon, who was probably high at the time and suffering from delusions.

2: Sleeping In - The Postal Service
A pleasant little song which mocks the fact we are all ging to die because of Global Warming and makes fun of JFK for getting shot.

3: One Evening - Feist
A delightful song about a one night stand.

4: Waiting To Die - Zero 7
A charming ditty about our inevitable deaths set during a summer family barbeque.

5: Jacksonville - Sufjan Stevens
A calm song which begins “I’m not afraid of the black man”, which is nice.

6: The Night Starts Here - Stars
A lovely song about a drug-fueled binge which will probably lead on to a night of debauchery and madness.

7: The Past And Pending - The Shins
A peaceful song which is completely bleak and sees a relationship fall apart as it goes on, making references to blood, cuts, guns, in the process.

8: Cross Bones Style - Cat Power
A serene track that looks at a couple of children who are forced to work in the African diamond mines after their parents were both killed, leaving them orphans.

9: Old Piano - Frou Frou
A tranquil number about hazy depression and loneliness.

10: The Sound Of North America - The Beautiful South
A gentle number about moral decay, dead black people, and the Wall Street Crash.

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