Sunday, 30 March 2008

FRIENDS Week: Things You Didn’t Know About Courteney Cox

1: Courtney Cox’s middle name is “Bass”. She was named so because she was born in the middle of the famous Canadian fishing region, whilst her mother was, indeed, fishing. This also makes the last part of her name “Bass Cox”, which is pretty darned hilarious.

2: Courtney Cox was the first person to ever say the word ‘Period’ on American TV in the sense of… well, y’know. She said it in the way that means… uh.... she was referring to, erm, ‘stuff’. That women have. You know what I’m talking about, please don’t make me explain further.

3: Courtney Cox once dated Michael Keaton. Reports that he only answered to the name "Batman" during this time are unconfirmed.

4: Courtney Cox never won a major award for her role as Monica on the popular TV show Friends. Many believe this to be because nobody liked her character.

5: Courtney Cox is a method actor. Whenever Monica was required to do a flashback to the days when she was fat, Bass-Cox would retire to her trailer and eat candyfloss non-stop until she had gained the weight required.

6: Courtney Cox was the first character on Friends to speak a line. When she spoke them, it was reported that women across the world flocked to their TV screens, in the psychic belief that something monumental was about to happen.

7: Courtney Cox can play both the drums and the piano, and verily can also play the hybrid instrument, the drumano.

8: I can't spell Courteney Cox's name.


  1. 9. Courteney Cox was my first TV crush, back in the '80s when she played Lauren Miller, girlfriend to Michael J. Fox's character in the sitcom Family Ties...

  2. Having seen a picture of her from back then, I think you made a good choice. She's no Jennifer Garner (during Alias) though.

  3. Indeed - but these days I much prefer Cox's colleague in Friends, Jennifer Aniston...