Friday, 8 February 2008

How To Seduce 60 Beautiful Women (Part 3)

And again with the lines guaranteed to land you a date with a star.

31: Regina Spektor
“What do you say we go in the ‘back of a truck’ and test your ‘fidelity’, Regina?”
This line references not one, but two of her songs, and also shows you are a strong, confident guy, something that girls love.

32: Jem
“Ah! I appear to have ‘finally woken’, thanks to you.”
The beauty of this line is that it compliments her on the good work she has done, and by showing your gratitude you show that you are emotionally available.

33: Delta Goodrem
“I can be your rock, if you want? Well… part of me can!”
Humour is the ultimate ice-breaker.

34: Kirsten Dunst
“Kirsten, you are crazy/beautiful”
I will leave it up to you whether you say the slash or you mime it. Just be careful with your mime that you don't look like you are trying to attack her.

35: Tara Summers
“I’ve got what a girl wants”
This enigmatic opening line invites her to begin conversation, which will then hopefully lead on to better things.

36: Joanna Newsom
“I only have ‘Ys’ for you”
Never underestimate the strength of a powerful pun.

37: Zooey Deschanel
“I’ve never had a failure to launch whenever you’re around”
One worry women have is that you will prove to be a 'flop' in the bed. This line, then, acts as a way to tell her that you will be no such problem.

38: Lily Allen
“Promise you – if you go with me, you’ll never need to write another breakup song again.”
It was either this, or something about making her 'smile'. I stand by this line.

39: Norah Jones
“Oh, this old thing?” [Get out a sitar] “Yeah, I play from time to time…”
This is a highly cunning idea - her father used to play sitar, this will give her fond memories of her childhood. You will, of course, need to learn to play sitar in order to use this one.

40: Eliza Dushku
“I have Faith in your beauty, Ms Dushku”
Simple, and romantic. Can't fail.

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