Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Five Beatles Songs That Make No Sense

4: I’m Looking Through You

What ‘They’ Say The Song Is About

Everyone says the same thing; the song is about your lover changing. Not physically, they note, because that’s impossible unless you’re C-List Spiderman villain ‘The Chameleon’, or… an actual chameleon. Everyone is in pretty sound agreement that the change is mental, that the person you love (or indeed, you) has suddenly become a different person to the one you knew. The comments are all so bland that it’s hard to mock them particularly, although I’m sure the nastier ones among you will be able to make some kind of play on the person who says that “The person they've become is no longer consistent with their outward appearance” – closet racist? Make up your own jokes, people. I got nothin’.

The Song, Then

Another Paul McCartney number (listen, I know you’re all upset that I don’t pick on John, George, godblessim’ Ringo, but I genuinely just picked the first five nonsensical sounding songs I could find and they all happened to be written by McCartney. So if you’re a-wanting to go blaming anyone, go blame God. Or Fate. Or whoever you think controlled my internet search. Google, perhaps. Anyway, Paul assures us that he can see straight through us, which must be some sort of reference to ghosts, I’d imagine. Paul McCartney admits he can see ghosts, just like Jennifer Love Hewitt! Now there’s a future Daily Express headline. So he can see straight through us, which means he knows where we are. So how come his next line is “where did you go?”? That makes no sense at all.
We have to imagine that he cannot see the ghost then, and that he assumes we’re in the same room as he is, somewhere, without having any actual proof. He’s probably high. So he can’t see us. Then he goes and says “you don’t look different.” COME ON, McCartney! Make up your Scouse mind! I haven’t got past the second line and already this song is totally confusing. It goes on like this for quite some time, until he gets to a point where he says “love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight”, thus revealing that all along he is taking to the poetic ideal of Love. Right, so that’s our grounding point then. Excellent. Except… how come McCartney’s idea of Love is something with a mouth? And why does he say that it lives “down there”? Is this some kind of sex joke?
From “You don’t look different” to “I tell you you’ve changed”: this song is just more evidence that Paul McCartney is one muddled young man indeed. Love cannot talk, dude, you’re just hallucinating again. Who was it that said giving the Beatles access to drugs was a good thing? Can't agree with you! Having said that; I really dig the bass on this song.

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