Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Twin Cinema: Things Films Taught Us (Part 2)

America will save us from aliens
Aliens will eventually find our planet and come to see us. They will want to kill us. It’s a shame that no aliens will ever try to get along with Earth, but do not fear; although heavy losses will be taken, and anyone standing near The Statue Of Liberty/Big Ben/The Eiffel Tower is doomed, in the end the aliens will be defeated. By who? By the Americans! They may argue with each other, but eventually their civic spirit will take over and they will defeat the aliens by bombing them/throwing water at them/playing country music/sneezing near them. Until then, just keep away from main cities and bide your time.

Don’t worry; Amnesia won’t last forever
It’s a tricky thing, amnesia, because once you’ve got it you forget everything about yourself, your family, your friends. It’s tough, and your spouse may find it hard to cope. Yet fear not, you won’t change personality at all, but will remain the same old you. And after enough time has passed for you to learn how you’ve been a bad parent/been too involved in your work, your memory will return, and in twenty years time you’ll all have a good laugh about the whole thing.

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