Thursday, 24 January 2008

Rejected Titles for Bond Movie 22

They’ve announced the title of the new James Bond film! Apparently the title for the newest chapter in the 007 saga will be called… “The Quantum Of Solace”. Catchy. It seems that the Bond producers have given up on giving their films cool titles in favour of making up long words and stringing them together with no real explanation. As always, our spies in the industry managed to get a copy of the titles that were turned down, and they prove to be just as... enlightened... and just as impossible to understand. Here they are:

"Confessions Of An Intuitive Raconteur"
"Succour To Rampage"
"The Scythian Bomb Removal"
"Fallen Mephistopheles"
"The Pilgrim Of Radical Expediency"
"Fundamental Calamity"
"The Transitional Rogues"
"From Rebellion Comes Exposition"
"A Confederacy Of Dunces"
"From Russia With Love 2"

The sad thing is? Every one of these titles is at least 14% more badass than the one they went with.

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