Friday, 25 January 2008

Ideas for the next 7 Feist videos

Feist has released a new video, for her song "I Feel It All". The video is shot in one continuous take, as have her previous two videos, and in this one she sets off a whole mess of fireworks whilst dancing round in a field. It’s highly impressive stuff from director Patrick Daughters, but IEF can exclusively reveal the plans for the next 7 Feist videos, because we, uh, we stole the plans from his safe. Don’t tell anyone.

  1. Feist turns up in the Wild West, armed with only two pistols, a horse, and a cute pink cowboy hat. The bad guys are going to try and rob the bullion store, and Feist is right in the middle of things! In one take, she has to stop them with the power of her tippy-tappy footwork!
  2. Feist has been picked for the 2008 Canadian Olympic Team! She’s down to take part in the 200m, but will she be able to resist the urge to dance, in this one-take vid? (Hint: no!)
  3. Feist starts up a gang on the streets of Montreal with the rest of Broken Social Scene and spends her time dancing around happily with them, Then one day The New Pornographers turn up, and a one-take dance-off ensues. Who wins? The fans do!
  4. Feist goes to the gym, with the intention of impressing the cute guy she likes – imagine her horror when he turns up there too! And when he starts dancing, there’s only one thing she can do – retaliate! Filmed in one take…
  5. In one take, Feist goes to space and gets to be the first women to explore the Rings of Saturn! And then she dances on them.
  6. Feist goes on a catwalk as a model during London Fashion Week, but is dismayed to find that the organisers want her to wear fur. In protest, she does a cute little dance in one take and changes the mind of everyone who sees her politically-motivated grooves.
  7. The Germans are invading, those untrustworthy gits, and there’s only one person who can save us all from their sinister plans… You guessed it, Feist! Watch as she bewitches them by dancing on a tank! In one take! A must-see!

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