Monday, 28 March 2011

The Tricks of Mr Toad!

He was a merry old soul, a delighted child, a young man of life,
Then turned his hopes into dreams, dreams into strife!
Once upon a winter he saw the shining mobile,
Which, alas, he forthwith decided to steal!
He hopped in the seat and tenderly started the ignition,
And the fruits of his trickery came to fruition!
He rode off in his chariot and whooped and hurrahed,
For he was the King of the World, Man of the Car!
He drove round in circles at such a great pace,
The police, catching sight, deigned to give chase!

Meanwhile back at the house, wise old Badger thundered,
Because Ratty (not Mole, for once) had blundered!
Tricked once again by Mr Toad Esquire,
Who had proved himself a first class liar!
As Ratty ummed and ahhed and chased after Toad,
Little did he know, he should’ve checked the road!
Instead he checked the riverbanks, the water around,
But of wily Mr Toad, there was made no sound!
Looking at Mole, who he knew had no inkling…
He suddenly heard the sound of ten sirens twinkling!

Lying on a heap, crashed out in a tree,
Mr Toad was a picture of misery.
He was taken to court and tried thereafter,
And sentenced away to the sound of laughter.
He winced when he heard the judge slam his hammer,
“Twenty years of solitary life in the slammer!”
And now there he sits, alone and shut out,
But you can bet on this thought, no doubt.
If ever a man could escape from this load…
Then that man was clever old Mr Toad!

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