Monday, 14 March 2011

Podcast à la mode #2

The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Run By Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Are you a fan of *listening* to things? Have you ever considered the fun that could come from listening to something which is in turn trying to be *appealing* to you? Then in that case we'll have to suggest that The Thrilling Adventure Hour is the kind of thing which is going to both appeal to you and listen to you. Although it won't listen to you, and you may find it unappealing. Based on a performance show created by the duo of Bens Acker & Blacker (and they say God isn't looking down on all of us, grouping us as he deems entertaining?), this is a new podcast which is still finding feet and legs but, in fact, does not need a new voice. For it already has one.

The central conceit is that of a radio play, the sort of play which people listened to in the 1950s, the sort of play that features fantastical adventures, the sort of fantastical adventures which have pirates and aliens and robots, the sorts of robots that are made of metal. A group of actors are given the script for the play and read it out, making fun of the stereotypes of old-timey music hall. The show is notable for featuring several prominent Californian comedians such as Chris Hardwick and Paul F. Tompkins. Also appearing are many former Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast-members, brought in by recurring players Tom Lenk and Danny Strong. Amber Benson, Nathan Fillion, and Adam Busch have all appeared as performers on the show.

What Happens in This Podcast?

Is this making much sense so far? We expect so! There's only one person here, typing into his computer while eating fish fingers and sobbing. The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast has only been going proper since January 1st, although there are also several small bitlets which suggest they've spent a fair bit of time working out the kinks of podcasting. Three episodes have been posted so far, all of which focusing on about twenty-minute long comedic stories set in the 1950s style. The podcasters have started with their most well-known stories, which means Paul F Tompkins and... is it Autumn Reeser? Appear in the first episode, in which they play drunk ghost-hunters. The second episode features the legendary Sparks Nevada, a cowboy who lives on Mars. And most recently, episode 3 features a guest appearance from Nathan Fillion.

Each episode fades in and out of the live performance, giving one twenty-minute long skit without any edits in the middle. The podcast is FAMILY FRIENDLY! If you are a family, the podcast will act towards you in a friendly and courteous manner. Everyone else can piss off and eat crap. Only joking! The podcast will not forcibly make you digest your own digested excrement. Oh dear, we've gone onto a difficult tangent here and got lost.

We Recommend This Podcast!

If you listen to this podcast, expect fun songs and silly banter, as well as some great improvisation. This podcast may only be twenty minutes scant, but those twenty minutes are as entertaining as watching Diana Vickers eat a hot sausage.

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