Monday, 14 February 2011

Podcast à la mode #1

Hello and greetings. And indeed, goodbye, although that's a statement best left for another time. Welcome to a new segment in the orange of Wilftonville, no wait that's a terrible metaphor. Let's refer to it as new billiard room in the mansion of Wilftonville, instead. Looking back on several popular features from my previous run writing this HILARIOUS cultural icon, I realised that they were outdated and dated out. It's time to revamp and move away from the old, shambling recurring features of the past, and cuddle up to a new, youthful, bubbly feature. So here we are! Podcast à la mode, which each month will investigate a different podcast what you can download and listen to through headphones, speakers, or indeed your own imagination. Your imagination will have to be sturdy! If you want to accurately reflect everything that is spoken by people you don't know in the podcasts that I recomment.

Let's just get to the first one before things are too late.

The Pod F. Tompkast.
Run by Paul F. Tompkins (and Eban Schletter)

The best comedian ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET! is currently Paul F. Tompkins. Does he really exist on a face which protrudes from the Earth's solid crust of rock and soil? Only astronauts know! And as a budding astronomist, I can tell you that I am bound to silence over the possible existence of a facial visage bursting through Pakistan. Did I say Pakistan? I meant to say REDACTED.

Paul F. Tompkins is a slightly moustached comedian who works mainly in California. His previous credits include Mr Show, and he was in that one episode of Community recently, and... well, he's mostly famous cos he's Paul F. Tompkins, y'dig? His specialism is in telling stories which are mostly true and sometimes imagined. He is on a quest to appear in every podcast ever made, from Doug Loves Movies to (spoiler!) Comedy Death-Ray. But you're asking,

What Happens in This Podcast?

Or should it be Podkast. The highlight of each episode of The Pod F. Tompkast, released once a month if you don't count the various 'Extrasodes' which are released seemingly at random, is the introduction. In which! Tompkins starts off by saying what will be in the episode, before getting caught in a tangent and attempting to unravel his train of thought for a good ten minutes before he realises he was right all along, and continues on this new path. He can chat about more or less anything, and his serene tones bring to mind a zen master trying to inform you about the presence of Uatu The Watcher, who lives on the dark side of the moon.

The features in each episode remain the same. He will have a ten-twenty minute conversation with fellow comedian Jen Kirkman, and play back a recording from one of his live shows. There will typically be a celebrity guest in each of the recordings, such as Maya Rudolph or Neil Flynn. Tompkins also writes and performs a short skit called 'The Project', in which various celebrities call each other to organise the creation of a 'project' they will all work on together. This more or less gives Paul (we've grown familiar at this point in the article: we'll call him Paul) the chance to muck around with his impressions. Which are FUNNY!

We Recommend The Pod F. Tompkast!

We commend the Pod F. Tompkast for being a very funny way to spend time. We also wish to commend it a second time, meaning it can officially be re-commended by us! Did you see what we did there? It was a play on the way words work. We do that a lot, and the results tend to vary. Unlike The Pod F. Tompkast, which is always funny! We switched it around on you there.

Download it for FREE on iTunes, y'all!

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