Thursday, 5 March 2009

TV Suggestions


How much range does Eliza Dushku have as an actress? Everyone who supports Joss Whedon’s new show ‘Dollhouse’ is a little worried about this right now. At the time of writing she has played four roles so far, and two of them appeared to be “Faith: The Vampire Slayer” but with different clothes on. When she dressed as a hostage negotiator it was not as incredibly credible as we hoped it would be, and it could well be that she is the weakest link in terms of acting. At least, this is how the internet currently sees it.

In order to keep all of his fans happy, Joss Whedon needs to prove once and for all that Dushku can handle any scenario or personality which her character is imprinted with. He is going to have to get extreme.

So far on the show, her character ‘Echo’ has been used mainly as a prostitute. Which, given the fact that the role is played by Eliza Dushku, is thoroughly understandable. We want to see her given different tasks. If this was a real thing that was possible, would people only ever use her for sex? No! No they wouldn’t. So what Joss should do, what we suggest, is that Echo be hired by someone who is producing an off-Broadway show about the secret life of The Smurfs. She dyes her hair blonde, slaps on blue makeup, and goes in as the lead female role ‘Smurfette’. This will give everyone a chance to re-evaluate her ability as an actress, as when she starts having flashbacks and her memory goes mental on her, she will be trying to convey her emotions whilst dressed as a giant blue cartoon character in the middle of a run-down theatre. If Dushku can handle this role, surely she will be able to handle anything else.

The masses will be happy. Dollhouse will not be cancelled. Everybody wins.


  1. I agree about the lack of range so far in her acting. That being said, I'm far happier with episodes 2 & 3 than the pilot.

  2. You're an insane genius and I love you.