Thursday, 12 February 2009

Wilftonville's Endless Year Of Awards: Most Overrated Act

Most Overrated Act:

Glastonbury was the worst event of the year, being able to pull in only one decent headline act – Jay-Z, who was forced to try and make up for the B-List guitar rock of The Verve and Kings of Leon which depressed everyone with their mediocrity on the day before and after he performed. He managed to accomplish this, only just, but the staggering amount of overhyped crap which emanated from the speakers at the festival was still an audio experience to remember. In the bad way. I can’t pin down what a happily-remembered audio experience would be, but it presumably would feature Claudia Winkleman somehow.

Now, it was unexpected that The Kings Of Leon – perpetual B-List musicians if ever there is such a distinction – should become a headliner for Glastonbury (especially when the infinitely more rad Buddy Guy was performing at the same festival), but they had a new album out and perhaps it would push them into the limelight. It’s far more laughable that the newly reformed The Verve would get to perform, let alone close out the festival, but they did and they were dull as all hell. Their new album released this year also proved to be unmemorable trash. But, and this is the kicker, their album was hated by almost everyone who listened to it. They weren’t overrated – they were rightfully shamed. The Kings Of Leon on the other hand went the Katy Perry route and released a single with a naughty word in the title. Sex On Fire obviously then became a massive hit, because the public seem to be repressed, and it pushed them into the stratosphere. They remained, however, pretty shit.

So for my money, they win.

Awarded to: The Kings Of Leon

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