Monday, 5 January 2009

Milligan Mondays Are Coming

Peter Milligan:
Writer: X-Men #166-187
Primary Roster: Havok, Polaris, Emma Frost, Iceman, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit

Ladies and gentlemen of the good ship Wilftonville, bring out your back issues! We’re about to tread into familiar territory, in the form of a newfangled ‘Peter Milligan: From The Beginning’ fortnightly update thing.

Now, many people don’t think too much of ol’ Pete’s tenure with the X, which lasted from issues 166-187, a few years back. He followed on from perhaps one of the least-liked writers in X-Men history, in the form of Chuck Austen, and was given a team made up primarily of clutter. There was Polaris, Iceman, and Havok, for a start. Polaris had been on Genosha during the Sentinel Attack, and was experiencing a mental tangent of sorts: after Havok left her at the aisle for some reason she had gone mental and attacked everyone, and then started dating Iceman. It was a tangle which hadn’t really made much sense at the time, and was even more bizarre now. Also on his roster were Rogue and Gambit, whose relationship was the same as it ever has and probably ever will be: untouchable (see what I did there? Ha!) You can start to see the troubles that Peter walked into now, can’t you? At least Juggernaut wasn’t around anymore.

But despite all this, his run isn’t nearly as bad as everyone remembers it being. In fact; it’s rather jolly. So in this thread, let’s see if we cant all revaluate his run with the X-Men and enjoy it for the subversive, shiny, spiffy piece of super that it really is. Eh? And even if you didn’t like the run and refuse to ever do so, now you have a chance to slag him off repeatedly in a place where your fellow dislikers can appreciate it. Drag out your old boxes and rummage through them in a feral manner, get out the comics he wrote, and join in! There’s going to be laughs and there’s going to be tears, and at one point Emma Frost is going to try and cut her face off. What more could you want?

So, Milligan Mondays start next week – but for now here’s something to get you started. What is your memory of his run? Do you remember it as fun and groovy, or as poor and bland? Before you read it again, what did you think at the time and are you hopeful that this thread will turn you into a Mate Of Milligan?


  1. Of course, if you have no idea what I'm talking about; I lovingly suggest that you either join in the comic-reading fun or bugger off from Wilftonville on a bimonthly basis.

  2. Hey, Milligan is my fave writer. Go for it!

  3. Bravo to you, good sir. I think there are too few kids out there who know about the genius that is "The Goon Show".

    Wait, What?!

    "Milligan Mondays" do not refer to the comedic genius Spike Milligan?! Well then...I guess you wouldn't be interested in "Sellers Saturdays" and "Seacombe Sundays".

  4. Glad to have you here, Suetkafa! I hope you enjoy Milligan Mondays (even though I may be critical of him to begin with, his run with X-Men quickly becomes one of my favourites ever).

    And I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement, Controversy. Send me the tapes, and I'll humorise them with my quirky British style. Just for you!