Monday, 27 October 2008

Super Mario: The Pitch

We got our hands on the pitch submitted to Nintendo for the next Super Mario game! Having heard that this was definitely definitely the pitch that Nintendo were going to go ahead and develop into a game, we then sent someone into the future to find out for us how the game performed when released. EXCLUSIVES! Wilftonville is excited to reveal to you today the pitch for the new Super Mario Game, and come back on Friday to see how the public reacted to the game!

Pitch: Super Mario Underwater

The Premise:

That dastardly King Bowser has kidnapped the Princess again! On top of kidnapping Princess Peach, Bowser has sunk the Mushroom Kingdom underwater with his new “Wave-O-Matic” machine so that his floating island “Bowserville” will be the only remaining land on the face of the planet! With the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom out of his way, Bowser finally will be able to rule supreme over the World! Or will he?

Characteristically forgotten by the evil dinosaur, the unstoppable plumbing force of Mario and Luigi managed to escape the flooding by putting on their scuba gear just before the waves reached them, and plot on foiling Bowser once again! Can you guide Mario and Luigi through Bowser’s various traps, and save the Princess?

Game Synopsis:

The player takes control of either Mario or Luigi as they swim around the immense 3-D levels looking for where buildings used to be. Once a building is found, which as the world was only 30% land before it was sunk, takes a while, the played swims down to it and rescues the villagers there through puzzle-solving. Once enough villagers are safe, you encounter the magical Frogman, who promises to drink part of the water in exchange for a set of diamond cufflinks he lost when the world was swallowed up by the sea. Find the cufflinks for him, and you will lower the level of the water so that Mario or Luigi can then swim further downwards without being subject to crushing water pressure, and the process starts again. Find cufflinks for the twelve Frogmen, and they fire a spout of water upwards. Mario or Luigi step into this spout of water and are forced straight upwards, towards Bowser’s floating island fortress.

Playable Characters:

Mario: A Kingdom in peril, a Princess that needs saving from a flame-breathing dinosaur… it’s all in a day’s work for Mario! Luckily this time, he’s been equipped with a harpoon gun and a scuba diving outfit by his good friend Professor E. Gadd, because his fireballs aren’t going to work underwater! Mario has less air time than Luigi, but is a faster swimmer and doesn’t look as gay in his costume.

Luigi: Is Luigi more of a hero than Mario? Certainly, he isn’t motivated by lust and the prospect of cake in his quest to save the world. So why does Mario get all the glory? Luigi is determined to get to the bottom of everything (literally, for this is a game about swimming) before his little brother! Luigi can swim for much longer periods than Mario, and his voice becomes so high when he breathes in the helium of his air-tank that he can repel enemies with one screech.

Toad: On each level of the underwater world the player will be able to find Toad, and play a mini-game called “suffocate Toad”. The object of the game is to take a Toad from dry land and force him to swim downwards through rock patterns for a minute. If you manage to navigate Toad down far enough, when he regains control there won’t be enough oxygen in his lungs for him to make it to the surface again, and he will explode. This will earn Mario or Luigi a Power Star. Power Stars are useless in this game.


The player takes control of Mario or Luigi using the Wii remote. The majority of the gameplay takes place underwater, so the player must use the remote to ‘swim’ around the vast areas in search of something to do. Mario and Luigi have to be careful not to damage their air-tanks as they go on their quest, as they only have a limited amount of air each. Mario can swim for up to eight minutes at a time before he has to return to the surface, while Luigi – who is taller, and can thus hold a bigger tank on his back – has almost fifteen minutes of air. This naturally fills each new play with tension, as the player is always working against a countdown. With such limited amounts of air, the game will also last for far longer. Once Mario or Luigi have lowered all the water and return to dry land, the controls are basically the same as whatever Mario Galaxy used.


In keeping with Mario tradition, there will be no multiplayer mode.



  2. Damn it! Not underwater!

    Every single Mario game, the levels that sucked most were the stupid underwater levels.

    A whole game of that?