Friday, 1 August 2008

The Ten Best WWF Wrestlers Of My Time:

Yoshihiro Tajiri

Any man whose name can be shortened to “Yoshi” (see also, ‘Yoshimitsu’ and, uh, ‘Yoshi’) is automatically allowed into my cool book, but Tajiri has more going for him than just a cool name. A Japanese wrestler, he should typically have appeared for the WWF once or twice as a villain before being dropped, as is the typical norm for any foreign wrestlers who might suggest that America isn’t the fountain of everything that the wrestling fans tend to believe. Yet Tajiri managed to stay with the company – not only that, but he became a ‘face’, too. That means he is a character the crowd supports, as opposed to the hated ‘heels’. Granted, he was fighting another foreigner – the awesome Stephen Regal, who is the snottiest character possible, and brilliant for it – but Tajiri’s upward career with the WWF was symbolic of one thing: he was a damn fine wrestler. His fights see him employ a number of different moves, which was nice for a change. He did a lot of high-flying moves, but he also did lots of kicking manouvres and submissions, which made him perhaps one of the most versatile Japanese wrestlers ever seen on American shores. Here he is:

He also had a great gimmick in the ring where he would suddenly spit a mist into the eyes of his opponent, dropping them to their knees before he finished them off with a kick to the side of the head. You never knew where it was coming, which made his matches fascinating. I really liked the lil’ fella.


  1. Interesting to note from that video that most of those moves were not originally his. Sure, he has done them well. And I'll grant that you added a somewhat decent Japanese cruiserweight to the list.

    But Tiger Mask (especially Misawa) would eat the man for dinner.

    Sans chopsticks.

    Of course, you are doing WWF wrestlers, so you'll have fairly slim pickings in the "awesome" department.

    Oh yeah, the mist thing. Thank the Great Muta for that one. :D

  2. Oh dear, dear, dear...

    Tajiri wasn't bad but he had no personality to back his talent up with. The green mist thing STILL makes you a mark - it's only funny if it was somone extra crap getting hit with it. Regal would class as one of those. He was the pitts...Tajiri wasn't a bad pick but I thought he was a bit too predictable but that's coz he only got like 3 minutes per match.

    I think he was a face because people aren't Racist anymore - they probably felt sorry for him. He's nearly as good as Rey Mysterio is and never got half of the opportunities. Sad really.

  3. You're going to love how 'mark-some' I become later on, you know. Seriously - the winner of this list is so obvious I may just have to eat my own eyes.