Sunday, 13 July 2008

Who Should Be The Eleventh Doctor?

We’re getting closer and closer to the day when David Tennant hangs up the stethoscope (I bet you’ve never heard anyone make that joke, have you? Have you? Hahahaa!!) But when he does hang up the stethoscope, who should pick up the stethoscope that he has just hung up and use it as their stethoscope? To work it out, all we need to do is look at just what it is that makes the Doctor “THE” Doctor, and it all becomes startlingly clear. Stethoscope.

  • The Doctor is surrounded by companions.
  • The Doctor wears cool glasses.
  • The Doctor can go from manic to calm within the space of two seconds.
  • The Doctor is not particularly stylish.
  • The Doctor is, however, a style icon.
  • The Doctor is a little bit mad.
  • The Doctor is male.
  • The Doctor is the most egocentric man in the Universe.
  • The Doctor blurts out nonsense phrases with odd regularity.
  • The Doctor is loved by all.
  • The Doctor is suave.
  • The Doctor loves to order women around.
  • The Doctor has a bizarre family tree.
  • The Doctor is the mortal enemy of the Daleks.

Who, then, should be the Eleventh Doctor....?


  1. How about you for the next Dr Who!

  2. What you speak of is blasphemy!

  3. Yase...

    Why did you think I would hate this idea?

  4. Personally, I don't mind the rumors of James Nesbitt or Robert Carlyle. However, to throw some wishful thinking in, Patrick Stewart always wanted to be on Doctor Who...why not offer it to him?

    Sidebar: I wish they'd to a trilogy of Time War movies with Paul McGann and Christopher Eccelston. Give the Eighth Doctor a proper adventure/regeneration, and give the Ninth Doctor some more backstory. C'mon, BBC, you can do it!

  5. Jack's far too good for Dr. Who - mwahahahaha!