Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Don't Get Too Patriotic

A little unsubtle, but it gets across a point which has become increasingly more sharp and... I dunno... pointy, as the years have gone by. This sharp and pointy point that I refer to is that there are no English tennis players left. And, with the oddly muscular exception of Andy Murray, there are no British players left. The four main tennis players in Britain are:

Andy Murray
Alex Bogdanovich
Anna Keothavong
Elena Baltacha

If you look at the surnames here… not a lot of Britishness there. That’s the problem with our tennis squad. Much like with our manual workers, we’ve hired out Eastern Europeans to do all the work for us. In a country which is obsessed with football, is there any space for us to have tennis players anymore? Every year the papers insist that we should have better tennis players – what are they doing to stimulate this? They don’t give a damn about tennis until Wimbledon comes round. So my point here is that kids should start playing tennis, even though it will make them unpopular.

Go for it!

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