Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Ten Rumours You Should Spread About Disaster Movie

I’ve been thinking about the audience that Disaster Movie is going to be courting when it comes out this year. They are going to be a very predictable bunch, and obviously very little is going to persuade them that this movie honestly isn't worth their time and money. To stop them from seeing the film, then, I have come up with ten rumours we should all try to spread about the film in order to dissuade people from going to see it. If one person sees these rumours and thinks that they are true, and so avoids going to see Disaster Movie... then I'll be happy.

1: Although Carmen Electra is in the movie, she does not have any bra scenes.

2: The movie makes fun of George Bush and says he is a bad President.

3: The film ends with a 30-minutes lecture from Al Gore about why Jesus doesn’t exist.

4: Films parodied include “From Here To Eternity”, “Last Tango In Paris”, and the collected works of Pedro Almodovar.

5: The film has a gay couple as the heroes, and they kiss regularly.

6: The directors of the film stole money from our troops in Iraq in order to finance the movie.

7: If you haven’t seen the original Disaster Movie, you won’t be able to understand this film, which is a sequel.

8: There are no tits in it.

9: Another film being released in the same week as this one will star Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Borat, all at the same time.

10: The film was written by and stars Woody Allen, who presents his unique Jewish vision of how a couple in crisis reacts when they find out an asteroid is heading to earth and will kill everyone.

Pass them on!


  1. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. Though, might I suggest another rumor...watching Disaster Movie causes cancer in laboratory rats.

  2. Can I just tell people it sucked, even if I haven't seen it? Does that fit the plan?

  3. That is perfectly fine by me! Both ideas are, actually. Those poor rats...

  4. Oh don't worry about the rats...they got better.

  5. Tell them it has subtitles.

  6. That comment there is funnier than my entire post. Damn you and congratulations.