Monday, 16 June 2008

The Four Biggest Indie-Hipster Crushes

You can’t flick through to a music channel without being crushed under the visual weight of Girls Aloud thrusting their legs out at you. Not that this is a bad thing, of course, but it can lead to a general kind of girl-apathy. It’s not every day that you want to watch a music video catering solely to the pervert market, which is why we must eternally thank the Lord for indie-bands. Here we can see girls who are not the central focus of the music videos, who sit in the background and are incredibly hot, even though they don’t get their kit off all the time. These girls are here for the indie hipsters, and they reward our knowledge of bands nobody else knows of with a fleeting glimpse of their bum in one video, or by wearing stockings in another. Here, then, are the four girls who most embody this indie ideal: four crushes every male doubtless harbours, even though he may not know it yet.

And just to clarify the rules: the girls here are part of the band, and not the main focus of the group. Oh, and British girls only (or from British bands, at least), this week, or we’d have to make this a top eight hundred or so. So, without further ado...

4: Aristazabal Hawkes

The tall bassist for Guillemots, the amazingly titled Aristazabal (this may not be her real name, admittedly) is one of the best hangers around in the business, lounging in the shadows whilst lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield leaps around like a crazed hamster, and generally being too cool for school. Oh, and when I said she’s a bassist, I mean a double-bassist. Yeah – now that’s cool! And as we’re going to see during the rest of this week’s countdown, unusual instruments are synonymous with Indie-Hipster crushes. And she's from Canada too! What's not to crush on?

She isn't one for jumping.

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