Monday, 5 May 2008

Guest Article

Hello everyone, my name is Derren Brown and I am an Illusionist. (not a magician!) If you’ll give me a few minutes, I’d like to attempt an experiment on you which may well change the way you think.

I’d like you to think of a colour. It can be any colour you, want, but don’t tell me what it is yet, I don’t want you to spoil anything for me. That would make me quite ENVIOUS. Instead, I’d like to show you this MONEY. I have a wad of bank notes in my hands at the moment, which I earned after doing some GARDENING in my spare time for the old man who lives across the street on Evergreen Avenue. I was just mowing the lovely fresh GRASS when I saw some of the TREES and I thought how tall they were. They were so tall that I could barely see the APPLE that hung from the branches. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you should pick a colour in your head and keep it there, because I’m about to try and guess which colour you are currently thinking of. Don’t change your mind!

I see that you’re wearing an EMERALD ring on your finger, can I have a look at it please? Thank you. Oh, that is just lovely, that must have been quite expensive, mustn’t it! I don’t have the green to buy something like that, myself. I feel a bit like a CUCUMBER, in honesty. My friend, who you obviously don’t know, told me a story the other day about this man who found a pot of gold that belonged to a LEPRECHAUN, and he used it to buy his wife all these fabulous items of jewellery. I’d like to find one of those myself, I think! The first thing I’d buy would be a trip to New York to see the STATUE OF LIBERTY, I think, perhaps. I hear it’s nice, have you ever been? Well anyway, it looks like an interesting place to visit. It was built by the French – do you know, some people in England refer to the French as FROGS. I don’t get it myself, but each to their own, I suppose.

Are you still holding that colour in your mind? Groovy. Radical. Exciting. Excellent. Nice.

I’m going to try and guess the colour in a second, but before I do I’d like to put on my Irish Rugby shirt, it’s getting a bit cold where I am. I feel like a bit of a SNAKE for making you wait so long before I tell you what colour I think you are thinking of, I’m sorry for holding you for so long. I’ll take a guess now.

Were you thinking of the colour green?



  2. It is fairly easy to see how he does what he does, and his shows are also a little repetitive now, though still entertaining.

    I've bought his book!! Though surprise surprise, I can't be bothered to read it.