Friday, 1 February 2008

Explaining Album Covers

Some album covers are instantly recognisable; filled with imagery and artwork that refers to the music within in new and fascinating ways. Others... not so much. Here, we look at old album covers and try to explain what they mean and why, in their own way, they are important. Here are two recent albums from two very different female singers.

Christina Aguilera has literally gone 'Back To Basics' here, as she is wearing no clothes and only a few buckets of makeup. And she still has her satin sheets and gold pillows. Still... no clothes. That's pretty basic. Oh but wait, she's wearing a bra. So perhaps when she says 'Back To Basics', she means that her music is overproduced nonsense again - that'll be it.

Katie Melua shows that whilst her album is coming together 'Piece By Piece', she spends the rest of her time sitting between two chairs and dreaming of a giant corporeal mouth (can you see it?) Or... maybe she's thinking up statistically incorrect ideas for her new songs? By the way: I love Katie Melua. Seriously.

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